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TAP Ltd. operates since 1958 at Moshav Olesh, Emek Hefer. The company produces agricultural products based on advanced methods andconsults agricultural projects establishment.

We offer full consultation from infrastructure to growing and harvesting. We also offer turn-key project based on our wide experience in rose-plant production, roses cut-flower growing and culinary herbs production.Our methods produce high production, high efficiency and provenprofitability. We offer our customer high quality products, technology, experience andknowledge.


At the beginning The Teshuva nurseries has specialized in propagation of rose plants, as well as growing Gypsophila and carnations as cut flowers for export.The nursery leads the rose plant market in Israel since 1998 with 90% marketshare.During the early 90's, the farm began exporting rose plants for projectsthroughout India, Ecuador, Jordan, Ethiopia, Hungary, Thailand, Cyprus and Turkey.In 2001, we exhibited new and exceptional method of growing fresh herbs incoco peat using our own unique techniques. Since 2004 we also developed unique hydroponic growing method. Based on these techniques we had started to promote the selling of agricultural projects worldwide by our marketing company:Teshuva agricultural projects Ltd (TAP). Our staff:

Uzi Teshuva- Owner & General Manager

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Uzi, 2nd generation of farmers' family, manage the farm in Israel, and is in charge for all the products and methods development, and agronomic planning and supervision for our international activity.

Avner Shohet (M.B.A)- Owner & Business Development Manager

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With 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and international marketing, Avner is in charge for the business development activities, marketing and financing.

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